I read a news post about a celebrity couple going thru a split. My initial response was sadness. The husband allegedly stated that they were only friends, as if apologizing for some lack in the relationship. The more I thought about it, I wished I could tell them, “All is well.” Friendship is the foundation, built on trust and knowledge. Perhaps the “spark” was missing, but the main ingredients are in there. “Please don’t give up!”

When I make spaghetti, using pasta, sauce and meat, I add the spices last. You already know where I’m going with this. Once I add a few spices, I stir, sample and add more spices until I get that “taste!” Sometimes that’s all that’s needed in a marriage-a little spice like adding more love and kindness to the relationship.


Day 1

I just signed up and I couldn’t resist the idea of blogging on this new site. It’s something about the springtime that prompts me to write!

As I look out my window, I see all those barren trees, waiting to be clothed in tiny leaves. It reminds me of all those things we are waiting for. Sometimes, waiting can seem so empty, a void. So what can we do while we wait? I found that reading fills that void and when the very thing you are waiting for arrives, you are better equipped to meet it – provided you read something character building or inspiring.

-thoughts from the cafe